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Surrounded by majestic natural beauty in the beautiful province of Andalucia in Southern Spain we provide the perfect tranquil and holistic medicine environment for discerning individuals seeking professional help for serious illness, mental health issues, weight issues, addiction, trauma and burnout.


With decades of professional experience in all aspects of trauma medicine, natural medicine and a highly effective holistic health protocol created by Dr Parry, our successful system was founded in 2015 with passion and purpose.

Who is Dr Parry?

Profound knowledge and recognized expertise are the solid operational foundations for Beran Parry Ph.D.

Her professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Qualified Advanced Weight Loss Consultant and Certified EFT and Reiki Master Therapist. Beran also practices functional medicine nutrition having initially studied at the Functional Medicine University in South Carolina USA and interned for several years with the renowned functional medicine professor, Dr. Anne Lannoye.

Dr Beran is also a bestselling Amazon author of over 40 nutrition books including 25 bestsellers and one of the foremost nutritionists and wellbeing experts in her field.

A natural medical formulator of natural medicines, she is also certified in all aspects of mental health treatment, holistic wellbeing, fitness and diet mastery, a celebrated mindset mentor, physiology lecturer, clinical nutritionist and weight control specialist.

Dr Beran is a powerful force for positive change in the lives of everyone she meets. Her patients and clients include CEOs, VIPs, business leaders, politicians, celebrities and anyone who recognises the importance of improving the quality of their life at all levels.

As a respected international speaker, Beran has made presentations on nutrition and exercise physiology to the European Commission and she’s being interviewed regularly by the media in the United States and in the UK. She’s also appeared on television in Gibraltar where she discussed the life-enhancing benefits of her nutritional programs. She’s a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and websites around the world and loves to share her knowledge and experience about the benefits of better health. Her programs are designed to improve total wellbeing, deliver effective weight loss and promote intelligent exercise.

Her mission is to share the benefits of her experience by improving people’s knowledge and empowering them to enjoy all the advantages that naturally flow from a much better quality of life.

Dr Beran helps people to achieve these extraordinary improvements through mindset mentorship, appropriate nutrition, a healthier lifestyle, carefully selected biodynamic medicine, genetic testing and natural hormone rebalancing. It’s a winning combination.

What do we offer?

We offer out patient luxury accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated commitment to your recovery.

Dr Parry had the vision of creating a world class rehab treatment Program set in a unique and comfortable home from home facility.

With the core values of treating our patients with dignity and respect and catering to their needs we set out to offer our initial extremely complete diagnostic and forensic analytical service.

Then we create protocols for each medical, clinical, chronic and emotional situation and employ a highly advanced therapeutic process that we believe is a “life changing and transformational experience”.

Areas treated are

Our main focus will be:

  • Mental Health

  • Auto Immune Disease

  • Diabetes and other Hormonal based disease

  • Allergies and Inflammatory disorders

  • Executive burnout and adrenal burnout

  • All aspects of addiction to food, alcohol, substances, work and destructive situations

  • Gut Health emergencies and Chronic Digestive conditions

  • Weight gain and obesity management.

Our 3 week intensive program consists of 4 sections which then leads on to the at-home care program: 

Testing and reporting and protocol implementation 

Therapeutics and treatment program 

Transformations at a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social level

Transitioning starts to happen and need to be activated in week 3 and continues at home for at least 9-52 weeks! 

At-home care continues with online and local support to ensure the transition continues into a full remission and monitoring of that success!

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